Do you find your T-zone glistening, your pores enlarged, and your lovely face prone to minor blemishes? Chances are, you have oily skin. The good news is, understanding your skin type is the first step toward creating an effective beauty routine tailored to its specific needs, promoting optimal skin health.

What causes oily skin?

It's essential to recognise that oily skin is fundamentally a skin type, heavily influenced by your genetic makeup. Similar to dry skin, oily skin arises from an imbalance in the hydrolipidic film—a delicate layer of water and lipids enveloping the skin. In oily skin types, the sebaceous glands are overly active, resulting in an overproduction of sebum, a condition known as seborrhoea. This leads to a noticeable shine, particularly in the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin), enlarged pores, and an uneven skin texture. While it may also lead to blemishes like blackheads and pimples, this isn't always the case. Factors such as hormonal changes or external elements like varying temperatures or an aggressive skincare routine can also trigger excessive sebum production.

How should I care for my oily skin?

There are numerous misconceptions surrounding oily skin care. Many attempt to combat the oily appearance by aggressively stripping the skin with harsh, purifying treatments. However, this approach is flawed. Oily skin is delicate and can be sensitive, requiring gentle and considerate care to avoid aggravating it further.

Key ingredients for managing oily skin

To nurture your oily skin, choose products formulated with specific ingredients known for their benefits. Bamboo powder, known for its mattifying and absorbent qualities, helps reduce shine and provides a smooth, matte finish. Zinc, a potent antibacterial agent, purifies and sanitises the skin, combating blemishes and preventing their recurrence. Chilean mint, recognised for its sebum-regulating properties, helps manage excess oil production while also aiding in the rebalancing of the skin's natural ecosystem and reducing inflammation. Chilean mint is a primary ingredient in Pâte Grise, a product line specifically designed to care for oily skin with imperfections.

The importance of gentle, thorough cleansing

The initial step in any beauty routine, especially for oily skin, is cleansing—yet it must be done gently. Stripping the skin of sebum too aggressively only prompts it to produce more sebum as a defense mechanism. Harsh, detergent-like products can irritate the epidermis and exacerbate oil production, leading to even oilier skin. A gentle approach is paramount. Opt for a respectful cleanser like La Gelée Nettoyante Pâte Grise, enriched with soft, melting vegetable charcoal beads. This purifying gel deeply cleanses without irritation, leaving the skin feeling exceptionally pure and comfortable, with a visibly smoother texture and a delicate fragrance of rose flower and fresh leaves.

Hydration is key, even for oily skin

Oily skin may appear well-hydrated, but this is misleading. Like all skin types, it requires appropriate hydration to maintain a functional hydrolipidic film and combat dryness. Although it may seem counterintuitive, even skin that produces excess sebum needs daily hydration and nourishment to defend against external stressors. Neglecting to moisturize oily skin can actually trigger more sebum production as the skin tries to compensate. Maintaining the skin's natural balance involves proper hydration, morning and night, after a gentle cleanse. Products like Sérum Peau Nette Anti-Imperfections Pâte Grise and Crème de Nuit Purifiante Pâte Grise, which offer light, fluid textures with a matte finish, are ideal for oily skin.

Targeted treatments for exfoliation and mattification

To rejuvenate oily skin, incorporating specific treatments can be highly beneficial. Occasional exfoliation helps gently remove excess sebum and dead cells, smoothing the skin's often uneven texture. The Mask Charbon Pâte Grise effectively unclogs and tightens pores, eliminates blackheads, and brightens the complexion. The purifying mask, with its unique black texture from charcoal, cleanses the skin and controls sebum production. For managing shine on the go, Papiers Matifiants Pâte Grise are your discreet allies, instantly absorbing excess oil and providing a matte finish.



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