Derma Roller, the latest buzz word in beauty

So you would have started hearing all the talk and seeing Instagram feeds about Derma Rollers and Micro Needling, but not exactly sure on what either of those things are or how they can improve your skin?

So here’s everything you need to know about Derma Rolling, including if they are suitable for your skin type, how often and to use one. 

So… What is a Derma Roller?  

Derma Rollers are a non-invasive, hand held tools that roll across the skin’s surface, puncturing it with hundreds of tiny micro needles, that are around 0.3 mm. You can find ones that at 0.1, 0.25 and 0.5 but we believe that the 0.3 is the most comfortable when using while still getting the maximum results. These micro-wounds prompt the bodies natural ability to stimulate our collagen and elastane to the skins surface to help heal itself. This rush of skin-supporting building blocks boosts complexion, reduces the appearance of scars, and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles amongst many other benefits.

Do you use topical at home skincare treatments ( serums, boosters, ampoules etc) then you need to be using a Derma Roller!

Derma rollers enable and boost the absorption of the skincare you are using via the tiny micro punctures, and allows your products to be absorbs much deeper within the skin then if you were to just apply topically.  At-home derma rollers have recently been proven to help deliver substances like peptides and additional anti-ageing compounds to lower layers of the skin, which help you reach much vaster results and benefits of your products. You want to ensure you use suitable, high-quality serums on your skin post-rolling for the best healthy benefits. By boosting the skin’s own production of collagen, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and the skin’s appearance resumes a healthy, vibrant glow. It’s basically that simple, and yet the easy-to-use derma roller really does hold the power to change your skin completely (and safely).

Studies show that the use of the Derma Roller helps to:

  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Increase delivery of nutrients to deeper layers
  • Decrease the appearance of stretch marks and pore size
  • Break down scar tissue
  • Improve the skin’s texture
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Complexion boosting

 Is Derma Rolling Painful

Most people will find Derma Rolling is not painful, and say it has a little bite to it the first time, but this will largely depend on you. If it is painful for you, then you may be pressing too hard or you may have sensitive skin. So take it slow and just feel your way through it, be gentle and you will find after your first go, you will most likely feel more comfortable the next time. If you are new to Derma Rolling then you can expect to feel the micro needles on your skin and you gently roll the derma roller over your face. After you roll, you might feel a slight tingling sensation like a sun burn, this is normal. We like to recommend applying a layer of serum while derma rolling, something hydrating or nourishing to help with the rolling then apply another layer after followed by a moisturiser. Do not use make up, sun screen or tanning products after rolling.

How often would you would you use it?

We recommend starting with using your derma roller once a week and if your skin is up for it, increasing to twice a week after building up your routine. We do not recommend using your Derma Roller daily as this does not allow your skins healing process to be fully complete and can create sensitivity.

Is Derma Rolling  safe. 

The derma Roller is made from high grade medical Titanium and is perfectly safe to use if you follow our instructions and don’t have any skin conditions like eczema, active acne or psoriasis. The Derma Rollers we stock are TGA approved which means our product meets Australian standards, so when purchasing a Derma Roller Please make sure it has been TGA approved as this protects you. Please do not use if you have warts, cold sores, sunburn, active acne, eczema, psoriasis, cancer patients having chemo/radiation therapy, patients having anti-coagulant therapy, local infections.

 Life span of a Derma Roller

Use your Derma Roller on your face x1 per week for up to 15 weeks. Retire your Derma Roller and add it to your hand care routine for around another 10 uses (remember to still spritz your roller when Derma Rolling your hands) Dispose of your Derma Roller in your recycling . As you are probably very aware, your Derma Roller is made up of tiny titanium needles. These are designed to create “micro wounds” or punctures in the skin. 

The reason you get such great results with an at home Derma Roller is because these needles are sharp. Each time you roll with your Derma Roller you are essentially making the needles less sharp. 

Think of the Derma Rollers as “the good scissors” you use the “good scissors” because you want them to do a great job cutting fabric or even your own fringe (no judgement) The more you use the “good scissors” the less sharp they become. Same goes for the Derma Roller. Over time the needles become less sharp and when the needles become less sharp they can cause damage to the skin, which we can all agree is not what we are here for. 

It might seem like a shame to say goodbye to your Derma Roller, especially since you’ve only spent such a short amount of time together but rest assured there is a life beyond your face and it's right in front of you... at the end of your arms. Show your hands some love too.

Derma Roller results are instant

Whilst you may see an instant result of reddening of the skin (from the micro punctures) you wont instantly glow after using a Derma Roller. Real results can take a few weeks to establish themselves. Weekly use will get you there quicker. Many people who use the derma roller do notice immediate results. However, one of the great benefits of using a derma roller is that it penetrates deeper layers of the skin to stimulate new cell proliferation and break up scar tissue. Our skin sheds its outer layer continually over time, which means skin cells at deeper layers can take weeks to migrate to the surface. The depth of scars and wrinkles and the degree to which hyper-pigmentation is an issue causes the time until real results appear to vary. Weekly treatments keep you on the path towards more profound transformation.

Who is Derma Rolling For? 

Derma Rolling is a super effective at home treatment for of all ages from your 20’s and beyond with lots of different skin concerns.  We are finding  Derma Rollers are the must have at home treatment from Millennial Beauties, Mums on a Budget, youthful aware Beauty Babes and Hardcore Anti Ageing Enthusiasts. Whether you start Derma Rolling in your 20’s or 30’s to help stimulate collagen production or 40’s 50’s or 60’s to help turn back the time, its never to early or late to start rolling!

One of the reasons we love the Derma Roller is that it enables us to revitalise our skin without having to pay for expensive or drastic treatments at a clinic, with natural results that will have you glowing.

Derma Roller, the latest buzz word in beauty



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